SD/DTSS - The lower station of ARAMIS M/E system


Digital transmission signals obtained from geophone sensors or installed seismometers in the underground of the mine, to the bump station


Informacje techniczne


Technical data:  
- type of energy supply external: power supply with back-up
- supply voltage 2x12 V DC, (1x12 V DC)
- maximum power consumption  2x750 mA (1x1,5 A)
- size 460 x 310 x 250 mm
- weight about 2,5 kg
- casing protection degree IP 54
- signal transmission method real-time serial
- type of transmission digital, two-way
- number of channels 8
- voltage on the transmission line with the underground transmitter disconnected ≤25,2 V DC
- minimum voltage supplying the transmitter 13 V DC
Working conditions:  
- ambient temperature 5°C-40°C
- relative humidity at temperatures 40°C maximum 90%
- atmospheric pressure 700-1060 hPa

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